The Art of Rhyme in Half The Time:
Sharper Lyrics, Liquid Flows and Black Belt Rap Techniques That YOU Can Master in Two Weeks!

You Wanna Learn To Rap? Listen Up...

Let me ask you a question:

Do you honestly believe that rappers like Tupac, Eminem, and Lil Wayne got to where they are without practicing?

The best rappers in the world know that without practicing every day they are no better than anyone else. There's always gonna be someone hungrier ready to take their place.

Ask yourself: Do I practice freestyling every day? Do I learn how to write better raps by studying songwriting? Do I use vocal exercises to strengthen my voice and flow? Do I have a checklist of what I need to work on, as well as a routine designed to get me there? If the answer is no, you came to the right place.

Why Aren't You Improving?

You've probably asked yourself, "Why are my raps not getting any better?" Could it be because you continue to repeat the same mistakes day in and out? You try to learn from your friends but they suck or you can't figure out their secret? You try to write, but if feels like you're staring at a huge white wall? You repeat the same raps and words over and over in your freestyles? All the books read and website visited on how to rap haven't helped at all? Who knows? But now is the time to make a change and learn to rap.

We Will Help You Learn How To Rap

We are The Complete MC and we have helped thousands of aspiring rappers, like yourself, learn to rap and develop all the aspects of an MC: dope rhyme schemes, liquid flows, catchy hooks, impressive freestyles, deadly battle techniques, and more. We know how to rap and how to help you learn to rap!

We're also known for helping maintain Lyrical Discipline, the single longest running freestyle show in the San Francisco Bay Area (home of such legendary rap artists as E40, Blackalicious, and Tupac Shakur). Over the past 7 years we have perfected what works and what doesn't. And now, we're here to tell you how to rap and double or even triple your rap skills in as little as 2 weeks. That's a guarantee!

Here's Just Some of the
Black Belt Rap Techniques You'll Learn:

  • The truth about how great rappers practice. Find out why you aren't improving as fast as you think you should.

  • The secret of "rhyme chords." How using this one technique can rocket you past the competition.

  • How to avoid the most common songwriting mistakes. Even the some of the greatest rappers ever are guilty of these (Rakim and Common are just two examples).

  • How to become a feared battle MC, even if you've never battled before. Rap battles are based on brains, not brawn. We'll show you 17 easy tricks that will help you size up and beat your opponent.

  • A simple way to create better rhymes. Stop spitting obvious rhymes. Learn how to develop over 125 new, original rhymes every day in ten minutes or less.

  • What you can do to rap faster. Practice these three exercises and you'll know how to rap faster (or slower!).

  • What rhyme dictionaries are really for. Most rappers think of a word, then look it up for rhymes. This is dead wrong.

  • 8 elements every song must have. Fail to include these, and no one will ever give you a second listen.

  • Easy cure for weak vocals. This easy to do exercise will make your voice stronger and more honest to your listeners.

  • No more "dropped" freestyles. How the best freestylers never slip up and drop the mic.

  • Why almost everyone is wrong about how to practice rapping. Learn how to rap by practicing the right techniques in the right order.

  • Improve your flow. Are you in front, behind, on top or below the beat? Learn when to use these different patterns to maximize your delivery.

  • Learn refined techniques to improve your freestyles immediately.

  • Strengthen your battle strategies and styles to beat your opponent. Learn how one style will always ultimately fail and how to leverage tactics to triumph over your opponents.

  • Broaden your lyrics from various points of view. When to write in first, second or third person.

  • Improve your voice though in-depth vocal training exercises that will strengthen your voice in as little as two weeks.

  • Understand 5 commonly made mistakes that slow your progress and how to avoid them.

  • Improve your memory recall and vocabulary skills in less than one second using nothing more than your eyes. (This trick amazed a group of students; all of whom showed immediate improvement in freestyling).

  • Learn 3 major sources of inspiration that keep your freestyles flowing.

  • Use brainstorming techniques that destroy writer's block forever.

Don't Take Our Word For It, Check What Others Are Saying About "The Complete MC"

Read comments by rappers ranging from professionals to beginners just like yourself who learned how to rap. These testimonials are all based on The Complete MC. Someday you will write us a testimonial about how you learned to rap with The Complete MC too!

Katalyst: "Hey man, yeah The Complete MC really helped out. I found it a lot easier to write raps after reading that, and I'm still writing really good ones. Overall, I'd say you put together a really complete lesson on rapping and writing."
Da: "Yo thanks to the course I've been hitting em hard in battles and rapidly gaining respect... the course saved my rap life, thanks again"
Yung Swizzle: "Dawg I got to say I am 100% happy I found you... you've helped me in so many different areas it ain't even funny... I appreciate all the help I've received from ya."

$ee Da Future: "I wanted 2 say thanks for the tips... they've really helped me with my flow and technique and I'm looking forward 2 more tips from u."

Johnny AKA Mr. Loco: "I tried the complete mc rap guide... the information given is very good. I learned how to rap on my own. But if I had heard about this long time ago I would of used it... I learned more stuff than I already knew"

Anthony: "I think its a great experience... I am learning more and more... I feel I'm real close in getting my rhymes right, including the hooks...

I am feeling like a star already... you should give out this kind of advice more often cause not many people sit there and try to help you out with anything like the styles or your voice...

...Thank you for the opportunity to learn about the things that I am doing wrong... all my mistakes I am working on fixing them in order to be the complete mc thanks again for everything and hope everything goes good for you. Thank you MC Monologue."

Angel Fannin: "This mini course has really helped me a lot. I've gotten more positive comments on my lyrics, my rhyming ability, and delivery. My recordings are even sounding a lot more better to me. Trust me it really works. If you don't believe me try it for yourself! =)"

Kinesh: "I would like to say that the procedures and your guidelines are brilliant. I must admit that I have learnt quite alot from it, and not just on how to RAP but bout rap it self and the heart of rapping and where rap comes from and the true meaning of it. Thanks."

Jason Rudnick: "I'm a High Schooler who Lives in Pompano. My MC name is J-Sony and I always though Hip-Hop was the coolest genre. I was always making my own rap's and they would never come out right. I never wanted to be in freestyle battles anywhere I went.

But since I've subscribed to the The Complete MC my friends notice a great amount of improvement and I'm finally loose and able to spit or bust a rhyme on the spot so I have The Complete MC to thank for this. Thank you for all the work, I'm hoping you'll send more so I can be at my full potential."


There's A Sucker MC Born Every Minute...

Take any hundred people who want to rap and follow them for 10 years. Of those hundred: only 1 will be a top notch MC; 4 will be making a living from it; 15 will record albums that don't sell, 36 will be laughed at by their friends, and 44 will never get the balls to perform live, let alone record an album or enter a battle. What separated the 95% of unsuccessful rappers from the 5% who made it? The 95% didn't train!

We created The Complete MC to give aspiring rappers, like yourself, to the guidance and practice needed to become a phenomenal MC. We would have given the world to have something like this when we started.

Your Future As A Rapper Is In Your Hands

With The Complete MC, you can learn to rap and go to the top, but the work is up to you. If you think you'll be topping the charts in one week, think again. This program requires blood and sweat. We have created the roadmap. It's up to you to get into gear. However, if you have the drive to practice the exercises provided and there is no telling how far you can go.

We have helped thousands of rappers reach levels of ability they never thought possible: If it happens once, it's probably luck; if it happens thousands of times, it's the real deal!

Do You Have What It Takes?

The Complete MC has been used effectively by some of the strongest MCs and has been presented at several schools and universities (listen to our Stanford University Radio Interview). Do you have the discipline to learn to rap and become the best? With The Complete MC you can reach the top of your game in record time.

With The Complete MC You Get:

Learn To Rap

Module CD 1:
Elements of Freestyle

  • How To Grow Rhyme Memory by 125-Words a Day
  • Quickly Develop Ability to Rhyme Multi Syllables
  • How To Use Rhyme Progressions To Improve Your Flow
  • Different Styles of Battle and How to Beat Them
  • Understand what type of battle rapper you are
  • Black Belt Techniques to Win battles Before you Even Speak
  • Rookie Mistakes That Are Holding You Back
Learn To Rap

Module CD 2:
Songwriting Technique

  • Verse Development: Write Songs With Meaning
  • Writing Effective Hooks: Get Your Friends Singing
  • When To Use Similes and Metaphors
  • Rhyme Transcription: Nuts and Bolts of Rapping Explained
  • Assonance: How Eminem Used This One Tactic To Become Top Notch
  • Brainstorming Techniques That Destroy Writer's Block
Learn To Rap

Module CD 3:
Vocal Technique

  • Improve Breath Control
  • Strengthen Vocal Tone And Sound Like A Pro
  • Connect Your Voice to Your Emotions
  • Over 13 exercises guaranteed to improve your voice immediately
Learn To Rap

CD 4:
Instrumentals and Beats

  • A Wide Variety of Royalty Free Beats for Freestyles and Songwriting Exercises
  • Start recording today!
learn to rap

45-Page Workbook
Practice, Practice, Practice

  • Practice and Follow Along With the Modules/CDs
  • Learn Additional Exercises
  • In-Depth List of Recommended MC's to Study to Improve Your Knowledge of Hip Hop


Buy Today and Receive Special Bonuses For Your Quick Action

For making the commitment to becoming a better rapper today, we'll give you the following for free.

Rhyming Dictionary Software
($94.95 value)

With this incredible software, you can add hundreds of new words to your rhymes. It's an absolute necessary tool to turbocharge your rap skills! It's incredibly easy to use. Just enter a word and get multiple words that rhyme.

Learn To Rap

20 - Solid Bonus Beats
($100 value)

We've recently come across some additional sick beats that you can practice, write, and record with. You'll be recording with these beats in no time! You can even play them at your next house party and flow live in front of your friends.

learn to rap

Bonus #1 How and What To Buy To Start Recording
($29.95 value)

Have you ever wanted to buy music equipment but didn't know where to start? We'll help you understand the type of microphones that make you sound the best, how you can save money when shopping for production software, the difference between a first and a master copy, and legal issues you need to understand when signing a record deal.

learn to rap

Bonus #2 Overcome Stage Fright and Rock The Crowd
($29.95 value)

Performing in front of people can be one of the scariest moments in your life. Darryl McDaniels of Run-DMC still gets nervous before every show, and he's been performing for over twenty years! You'll learn how to improve your performance using eye contact (where to look and for how long), the steps you must take before every show to calm your nerves, and how you can turn your weaknesses to your advantage.

learn to rap


100% "Better-Than-Risk-Free"
Money Back Guarantee

This is the best guarantee you'll ever see! We're so confident that you'll learn to rap with The Complete MC, that we're offering a 100% money-back guarantee. Ask for a refund at any time within 60-days and a check is on its way to you - for the full amount - even if you cancel on the very last day of your subscription. Keep everything: every module, every bonus report, every book, every CD. It's all yours FREE forever! No questions asked.

We believe in excellent customer service and delivering a world class quality product. And we truly believe people like you, who purchase The Complete MC, take pride in your development and want to become a better MC. Well, we too take your personal development seriously and want to see you succeed. That's why we can offer this exceptional 100% guarantee and sleep well at night.

learn to rap


The Complete MC Is Downloadable

The Complete MC is completely downloadable! Simply click Buy Now, follow the payment process, and a download link will be emailed to you immediately. You can begin the audio course and learn to rap in just minutes. Start learning the same skills and techniques that top rappers are using right now!


What Are You Waiting For?
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You've read about The Complete MC. Now the choice is up to you. We're offering you the knowledge you've been searching for. There is no risk. This is your call to action. Try today!

learn to rap

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learn to rap

learn to rap

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learn to rap

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learn to rap

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learn to rap

learn to rap

"mc monologue your words are for real. i took time to practice following every tip and i must confess yours are applicable. i have battled twice and won already. with you i am a complete mc." -jerry tha vyrus

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