Freestyle Rap Advice

How To Rap Off The Top

Freestyle Rap Advice

by MC Monologue

Are you looking for a way to learn how to rap better and improve your freestyle skills? With over ten years of experience as an MC, I have dedicated myself to helping others learn how to rap and to win more freestyle battles by improving their overall skills. Believe it or not, if you want to be a better rapper you need to start with the basic fundamentals. Here are some tips to get you started:

* Learn to Improve Your Breath Control In order to rap effectively you need to know how to get more air into your lungs. A great way to practice this is to spit lyrics or do some freestyle while you do some cardio. A little known fact is that Outkast would practice their lines while jogging around their neighborhood. By doing this, they expanded their lungs and could rap for longer segments without having to take a breath.

* Learn How to Rap Without Using Rhymes You need to learn how to create rhyme schemes. Now that you've expanded your air you'll need some amazing words and rhymes. One exercise is to choose five words that have 2-3 syllables in them. Use a rhyming dictionary to find five different rhymes for each word, giving you a total of 30 words - that's five words with five rhymes each. Memorize this list of words and then use them in both your written and freestyle raps.

* Improve Your Vocal Strength Before you ever try to record a freestyle or song you have written, you need to learn how to warm your vocal chords up effectively. I offer a 14-step workout to help strengthen your vocals that is very detailed. So for now you should just do a lot of humming and practice moving the vibration of the humming from deep down in your belly all the way to the top of your head. If you use this technique your voice will sound a lot richer and fuller.

* Learn How to Improve Your Flow The idea behind learning how to rap is very basic, however the real key is learning how to control and improve your flow. You should start by rapping very fast and then really slow, practicing this pattern over and over again. As you change the tempo or speed of your rap you will help to improve the flow. By learning how to control the flow, you enable yourself to expand upon the number of beats you can spit on comfortably. You should be sure to practice all types and speeds of rap, from Twista to Snoop Dogg and everything in between. * Use Different Languages to Help You Expand Your Enunciation and Verbal Control Try rapping in various accents such as Australian, Middle Eastern, French or British and concentrate on the sound and tone of your voice.

* Learn How to Hold the Mic Properly So many rappers hold their mics incorrectly - think about it as an ice cream cone and hold it from the bottom portion of the mic, not at the top or the ice cream. If you hold the top your lyrics will become muffled and intelligible - you don't want this to become a habit.

* Practice Rap Battling Like Kung Fu In order to win a rap battle you need to learn how to eliminate opponents by taking away their ammunition and using it to build your own. Write down a list of basic or generic jokes such as fat or mother jokes that you can use when you are in a battle. If you get stuck and draw a blank, this list - that you should memorize - will help you until you regain your wits.

Generic jokes are good, but being able to spin those jokes into specifics will get you further. Don't just go for the obvious things like hair or weight, find hidden weaknesses that you can expose. If you are battling a guy that is wearing an Oakland A's baseball cap don't just diss on his team - which could get you slapped by the audience too - but instead start bagging on him using a list of names that start with the letter A.

This brings up an important point -if you want to learn how to rap like a pro you need to learn how to win over a crowd and get them on your side in the battle. If you start bashing on a local sports team you could lose the battle even if you completely out-wit your opponent. Having the crowd on your side cheering you on will help you to win more battles.

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MC Monologue is an MC from the California Bay Area. He has been featured in Oakland's "Grind and Glory" Competition. For the past five years he has helped maintain "Lyrical Discipline" the longest running freestyle show in the Bay Area. He has also been featured on "408's Finest" on KZSU Radio. After ten years of rapping, he created "The Complete MC" which teaches others how to avoid the mistakes he made when starting out.

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